Club Night Identity


The concept and name Tribe ties together two separate supporting ideas. The first idea relates directly to the percussive and hypnotic music that is played at the event, which is often associated with the music produced by Tribes. The second idea is the process of everyone coming together for the event and responding collectively in a ritual manner.


At each Tribe event both the performing artists and the spectators are encouraged to wear face-paint similar to those worn on special occasions by tribes. This is a tool that was devised to give our event a physical identity whilst adding to the excitement of the club night. The logo was created to represent this; linking the people, the face-paint and the tribal habitat into one neat identity.



The mural was designed as a 7 foot squared backdrop to sit behind the performers at the back of the stage. The design takes elements from the Mayan calender interwoven with tribal patterns and symbols associated with electronic music. The middle part is based on the platter of a Pioneer CDJ, then as you venture out from the center you see arrows suggesting the direction of the spin, a series of sound levels and finally the iconic beads that appear on the outside of a classic Technics turntable.

© Alex Birks Design

© Alex Birks Design